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   Danney Clark is a third generation Idahoan, businessman, husband and father. A Christian, a family man, once an outdoorsman, hunter, and fisherman he now finds contentment in working, writing, and attempting to understand life.

    Married for more than 50 years to the same Idaho-born woman and with two daughters and two granddaughters, he enjoys his life to the fullest.


Idaho Author Showcase EP11

Danney Clark

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The Cady Miller Series


   “One more thing, Red, then if you want I’ll shoot you, okay? Thing is, if you should beat me, I go to Heaven to be with the Lord, but if I beat you, where do you suppose you’ll go for all eternity? Have you thought about how long forever in Hell might be?”

   Red cursed again. “You don’t worry about me miner, you worry about your little family here after I shoot you!”

   “I’ll tell you what Red, last chance before I shoot out your eyes. I got an idea, how about you and I empty our guns, while your two and Ben here keep theirs loaded. Then we draw down on each other and see who is the fastest? That sound okay? We can always reload and go again.”

  “Damn you miner,” Red said, uncertainty clear in his voice now. “All you want to do is talk. Okay, have it your way, we unload and slap leather.”


The Cady Miller Series


   Amid the explosions and aerial

displays that marked our nation’s

Independence Day, he heard a yell followed by a louder and sharper

report that was closely followed by a second and third. Cady, in his blue uniform with Kevlar vest and duty belt, was lifted off his feet by the impact and fell fifteen feet from the pier into the East River.

   As he settled below the water’s dark surface, his mind continued to register the colors of the fireworks in the sky overhead. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow... drifted through his mind like smoke.

   His left arm burned, indicating it had been hit before the round followed around his back and ricocheted off his scapula. The weight of his duty belt took him deeper and deeper into the river and farther and farther from shore.



The Cady Miller Series


   It is my pleasure to offer you this new and final edition of the Cady Miller series. It is my prayer that together they will offer you a new perspective on life and possibly even provide direction to those day-to-day challenges we all face.

   Unknown to others, Cady Miller was a dangerous man, having the physical and technical abilities to inflict mortal injury. His lean stature and rapidly advancing age belied his physical prowess. His pale blue eyes now retained their 20/20 vision by the use of contact lenses, but more importantly he used that vision to see things others often missed. Skills honed through years of training and discipline allowed him to maintain an edge others frequently lost as the years caught up with them.




   In small rural communities there is usually a preferred meeting place where the locals come to share their triumphs and troubles with each other. Sometimes it is the local watering hole, the grange hall, the church, or general store, but often it is the local eatery. Places where they can come, enjoy a cup, tell a story, hear one from a friend, or even a stranger passing through. A comfortable atmosphere where one could bring the whole family or grab a quick bite alone before going home to take care of chores.

   Such a place was the Widespot Café. It might have been located in the Idaho panhandle, eastern Washington, or the sparse reaches of Montana; however, whatever the exact location, it provided an unique service as intended by God.

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   This little book is much the same as a savory stew, made up of both large and small bites of various ingredients and with a dash of this here and a pinch of that there added for flavor.

   Some readers will enjoy the texture and the flavor of the whole stew, while others may enjoy one ingredient more than another.

   Eaten as a meal, it is my prayer that you will find it both filling and satisfying.




   Sitting back a distance from the heavily traveled highway linking the northern and southern parts of the state stands a building which looks much like an old barn. The outside is weathered and has been added onto many times by its various owners who were not very discerning in the design.

  A large collection of discarded remnants of the past adorn its mottled exterior, adding both a cluttered look and a certain charm.

  If only they could talk...

Searching for...

LIGHT in the Darkness


   Often we forget how great our God really is, by letting the fallen world overwhelm us and take away our joy. We should recognize that God created the world in the image of Himself, perfect and without sin. Man then, through his disobedience, opened the door to the sin about which these pages tell. Pay special attention to Cremains and recognize that the GOD who is great enough to create mankind is also great enough to forgive mankind and return him once again to perfection.


Six Bright Bulbs


   A U.S. History teacher chooses six over-achievers and challenges them to choose a person outside of their family who they feel represents a taste of America’s past, then to write a biography of that person for a pass/ fail semester grade.

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Keys to Your Heart


    While Keys to Your Heart is uniquely different than the original Spoonfuls From Heaven in content, they are very much alike in that they portray everyday life and showcase the result of our choices when dealing with life’s challenges.

    Each story has been specifically written for ages from late elementary through adult. The author suggests that parents of young children read these stories to determine in advance which stories they deem suitable for their own children.

    These stories are written as they are given me by God with little outside influence from myself or the world. Some readers, I believe, may see themselves clearly as actors in these stories, and take heart if you do, because these words were meant for you.

Deadly Butterflies


    A strange title perhaps, but chosen especially to pique your interest. If there were such a thing as deadly butterflies, what would they be? Would they sting like bees or would they carry disease and infection like flies, would they eat meat like wasps or draw blood like mosquitoes?

    What are the Deadly Butterflies in your life... food, drink, drugs, money, fame, sex, or status? What desirous and seemingly harmless thing lures you to its beauty, then tempts you to capture it while looking fragile and innocent, all the while having the capacity to ruin and kill?

Body Parts


    Just as the human body is made up of various parts with each having a vital function for the health and vitality of the whole, spiritually each God-created being who believes in Jesus as God is also a part of the Body of Christ and contributes to the health of the body of believers as well.

    Those who desire to understand may want to read 1 Corinthians Chapter 12. The enclosed stories will hopefully give some evidence of how each character takes something to the party while not being the guest of honor at that party.

Jelly Beans


    Tiny morsels of flavored sugar wrapped around a gumdrop in varied and attractive colors have caught the attention of billions of people over the years. Much like them I have attempted to fashion a variety of stories which to some will be sweet and enjoyable while to others not as much.

    If you’ll take a moment to consider the characters and their importance in each story I think you’ll find them enjoyable and possibly even enlightening. May God direct your thoughts.

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